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How can I identify smart meters?
How can I identify smart meters?
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Smart meters are the most advanced meters in Germany. They look quite similar to digital meters, as they also have a digital display, but they come with an important extra component: a smart meter gateway.
The smart meter gateway is a communication device, often built into the meter, that sends your real-time energy usage data directly to your energy supplier over a secure network.

The beauty of a smart meter is that it enables you to monitor your energy consumption in near real-time via a connected app or online platform, allowing for more informed decisions on energy use. So, if you can check your energy consumption in an app, or if you haven't needed a meter reading for a while, chances are you have a smart meter.

Per regulation, you usually only have a smart meter if your yearly consumption is above 6.000 kWh (or PV panels above 7kW Peak) otherwise, it is quite unlikely that your meter is fully smart. Find out more about this in our blog post here.

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