Tariffs & Terms

All about our two electricity tariffs, prices, flexible contract period and more.

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Sign Up & Switching

All about how to sign up , estimating your consumption and more.

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If you moved recently, find most questions you may have here.

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Not sure about your meter or Zählernummer? Read more here.

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Green Energy

Curious about our sustainability credentials? See more here.

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Want to know how our referral program works? See here.

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If you have questions about payment methods and calculations, see here.

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We’d be sad to see you go, but that’s part of our one flexible tariff promise.

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Find anything about our amazing all-in-one Ostrom app here!

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Data Privacy

See how Ostrom handles your data and how you can ask for data deletion requests.

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Price Adjustment

See how our flexible and variable tariff works and how you are notified.

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THG Quote

Own an electric car? You may get up to 345€ bonus annually with your THG Quote. Ostrom can help!

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Electricity Price Brake

Find out anything about the Electricity Price Brake and how to get it.

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Smart Meter

What is a smart meter? Does Ostrom offer smart meter? Find out more here.

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Heat Pump & HVAC

Want to know more about electric heating and which tariff we offer? Read more here!

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Smart Charging & EV

Find out how you can link your EV or charging station to the Ostrom app.

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Explore all things solar within Ostrom app.

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Find anything about our Ostrom Store.

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Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Learn everything about Ostrom's Virtual Power Plant (VPP), how it works, and much more!

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